Moonraker Island Residents,


Meeting date, time, place:  November 4,’20, 7:00 P.M., at the Yacht Club


Purpose: New information concerning several issues pertinent to Moonraker Island

1.      Insurance information regarding options with lower costs

2.      Councilman Jake Airey: street replacement, drainage project, sheriff’s substation, turning lane from bridge, remainder of lights on Moonraker Dr.

3.      Magnolia Water Company reps:  condition of sewer system and why problems exist, what is being done to remedy the situation, condition of our fresh water

4.      Glen Ledet: up-to-date information from the engineering company handling our flood protection

5.      Our reps, Dan Mc Govern, John Faust, Suzanne Krieger, Commissioners on our levee board 

6.      Rustin Legendre, Regional Director for Steve Scalise, with guarantee of financial support for project

7.      Five-minute film of ACOE addressing responsibility of causing damage to any area from ACOE projects and mitigation


This will be an extremely important meeting which deserves your attention.  Presently I understand that masks are required.  I don’t know if masks can be removed once you are inside the building.  Be aware that hand sanitizer and masks will be available for those who choose to use them.


Please put this date on your calendar. Your homeowners’ organization has been working very hard throughout the time we have not been able to hold public meetings.  We have held or attended meetings with various government agencies to improve conditions here in Moonraker Island.  Your support is important to maintaining the organization and the work it does.


We hope you found the journal helpful and informative.


DON’T FORGET TO VOTE TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2020, OR EARLY VOTING beginning October 16-27, 2020.


Bonnie Peyroux