Some Background History:


1969 - Leisure Inc.  purchased 5,300 acres of land south of Slidell


1977 - Leisure Inc.  defaulted on its loan which Eden Isles, Inc., out of Calif., purchased, and along with it, Moonraker Island, set up and apart from any other subdivision in St.  Tammany


1980 - March 11, Moonraker Island Homeowners, Assn.  was registered in Louisiana by D.M.  Schweickert, Pres.  of Eden Isles, Inc.  who lived in Delaware, Md.  It had its own reservations, restrictions, covenants, and conditions


1992 (approximately) - Eden Isles Homeowners Association (EIHOA) negotiated rates with Progressive, formerly Coastal Waste.  It bargained that EIHOA would receive some reimbursement for customers in Eden Isles and Moonraker also.  Moonraker never received any of that money. 


1994 - Moonraker Island reactivated its homeowners association, but it failed.  Clipper Island developed and established its own homeowners association and covenants.  The grounds that surrounded Moonraker Lake went with it.  Therefore, the running track surrounding the lake went also.  The property was sold as short lots.  MOONRAKER HAD NO REPRESENTATION. 


A spring-fed, chilled Moonraker Lake was a beautiful, aqua-colored resplendence, stocked with huge bass, begging to be caught.  Cynthia Moore bought a parcel of land which jetted across the lake.  She severed it, knocked it down, and the lake never regained its splendor.  The water seeped under the street which caused a section of the street to collapse.  AGAIN, NO REPRESENTATION.


Boat houses were built on the backside of the lake.  Individuals hired an attorney but lost that fight.  AGAIN, NO REPRESENTATION. 


2005 - A brutality without conscience, Hurricane Katrina hit and ripped out hearts, as well as, homes.  It will happen again with a storm of less intensity because of the situation the Army Corps of Engineers has designed.  We just cannot let it repeat itself. 


Moonraker Island Civic Organization has recently been created (2014); therefore, its history is not long.  Moonraker Island was created in 1980 but never had the benefits of an active homeowners' organization.  


Its presence is long awaited to bring recognition and appreciation for our special life style on the water.  Three hundred thirty-five (335) single-family dwellings currently make up Moonraker Island. 


The Moonraker Island Civic Organization plans to erect a large flag pole complete with American flag centered on the one common ground at its entrance, which volunteers will maintain with shrubs, flowers, and a bulletin board that supplies neighborhood information. 


MICOI will accept donations from Progressive Waste to defer costs of its beautification project and to provide seasonal decorations. 


Most activities will take place within the neighborhood; therefore, most of our fundraisers will be local as well, such as: Bunko games, golf tournaments, fun runs, rubber ducky races, fishing tournaments, and combined yard sales. 


MICOI is presently selling car and boat decals to its residents.   These prospective fund raisers will be used to purchase road signs, lights, playground equipment, or any other equipment that provides safety to our residents. 


MICOI plans a golf tournament in the spring 2015, and hopes to have a lot donated or to be able to purchase a lot to create a playground area for small children and an exercise area for the elderly. 


MICOI will help the elderly maintain their property so that our neighborhood remains aesthetically pleasing.  (Some of our neighbors have still not recovered completely from Hurricanes Katrina and Issac.) 


Proposed covenants are provided to increase the value of our homes.  No one has been paid for any services on any committees.  All workers have been volunteers.  


MICOI is supported financially through dues paid by its members, donations and fund raisers.    


Our future is very promising because of the unity our neighborhood supports.